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    In 2012, Nike first released shoes made with Flyknit technology. Subsequently, Adidas also launched a similar Primeknit product. Although Nike later filed a lawsuit against Adidas and won the lawsuit, he became the originator of this "rope woven shoes" technology. However, driven by the two giant sports shoe giants, the trend of 3D flying woven uppers has gradually reached the domestic market.

                                                                  Baifei sneakers shoes upper

    Compared with the traditional upper, the 3D flying woven upper is lighter, more breathable and comfortable, and fits better when worn. In the production process, it reduces the labor time and strength of the lathe, which reduces the number of workers required by the company.

    It is understood that the 3D flying woven upper has been popular for a while abroad. At the beginning, everyone was surprised to see the real thing. I don’t understand how it was produced, but everyone knows that this is definitely the future trend. Especially for high-end running shoes and casual shoes, it is suitable for such a shoe upper. The current 3D flying woven upper market is still in the ascendant and development stage. Many shoe factories have just begun to try, and it is expected that there will be a small climax in the next year.