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    The sneakers industry is booming, and high-quality sneakers manufacturers are expected to enjoy the dividends of industry growth. Among all footwear categories, sneaker shoes have outstanding functionality, diverse usage scenarios and a wide range of users.

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    At present, most of the world's well-known sneakers brands adopt the mode of separating brand operation and manufacturing. Under this model, brand owners are mainly responsible for brand value creation, marketing and product design, focusing on the left and right ends of the smile curve. Related brands include Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc.; manufacturers initially focus on OEM foundry in the middle of the smile curve Later, some leading companies participated in product development and design with their strong technical strength and keen market insight, and the ODM business model was derived from this. At present, world-renowned sneakers manufacturers include Baifei Sneakers, Yue Yuen Group, Fengtai Enterprises, Huali Group, etc. Due to the extremely strict standards for brand owners to select suppliers, and some brand owners have begun to implement core supplier strategies in recent years, under this background, orders are accelerating to flow to leading high-quality manufacturers, and the industry concentration is expected to further increase.
    Baifei Sneakers is one of the few ODM manufacturers in the industry with a complete shoe manufacturing industry chain, which can independently complete product development and design, molds, uppers, soles and finished product manufacturing. Relying on years of experience in shoe development and manufacturing, the company has established a strong competitive barrier: Outstanding development capabilities, effectively shortening delivery time and improving efficiency. The company has a mature development and design system and a rich reserve of professional talents; it has cooperated tacitly with customers for many years to accurately understand the brand design concept; it continues to improve the level of automation and effectively improve production efficiency.