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    There are many brands of sneaker shoes, and many shopping malls have special sports cities, which group these sports brands together to facilitate consumers to choose. Among these sneaker shoes brands, three from China and the United States each entered the top ten, two from Germany, and one each from Italy and Japan.
    First of all, let’s look at the US side. We are very familiar with these three brands of the US side, and each has its own characteristics.
    The first is Nike. Needless to say, this brand has been bought by many people, and many classic models have been launched. It has surpassed Adidas and become the largest sports brand in the world.
    The price of Nike is relatively high, but even so, the consumer groups are naturally increasing.
    Nike has always insisted on technology research and development, firmly grasping the core technology, and handing over the low-tech subcontracting work to my country and Southeast Asia. This is Nike's business strategy.
    The second is Anta. Anta often sponsors various sports events. Its development in recent years has been down-to-earth, and its revenue has also ushered in growth, an increase of about 9% year-on-year.

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    China's three brands. The first one is Li Ning. Li-Ning has risen very fast. It is a national brand that we are proud of and has made outstanding contributions to the development of my country's sports industry. The third is Hongxing Erke, which is also a patriotic enterprise.
    Li Ning's Guochao series is very successful, completely opening up the consumer market and becoming the representative of my country's sports brands. Li Ning focuses on my country's high-end sports brand market, and the price will naturally be relatively high.
    The second is New Balance. New Balance is far from Nike in terms of fame and sales, but it also has its own characteristics.
    New Balance's main focus is running shoes, which are favored by running enthusiasts. The most important thing in wearing shoes is to fit comfortably, especially when running.
    In this respect, New Balance does a better job. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also very beautiful in appearance. Therefore, many consumers who walk a lot like to buy New Balance.
    The third is Converse. Unlike the previous two sports shoe brands, Converse mainly promotes canvas shoes.
    This kind of shoes is more fashionable to wear and is deeply loved by young people, especially when they often appear on campus, which is a symbol of youthful vitality.
    Converse is already a century-old brand, and its quality can stand scrutiny.
    The two German brands are Adidas and Puma. Adidas often competes with Nike, and most of the two stores are located next to each other.
    The Italian brand is kappa. The sales were quite hot back then, but now they have gradually declined, and they are basically invisible. The big Japanese brand is called ASICS, which is one of the four major brands of running shoes and represents the trendy retro style.
    Baifei Sneaker Shoes suggested that if you want to survive in the market, quality is the foundation, so you must strictly control the quality, and then carry out continuous innovation, so as to strengthen the influence of the brand step by step.